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Clarify Your Goals

Determine what specific goal you want to achieve. Then dedicate yourself to its attainment with unswerving singleness of purpose, the trenchantzeal of a crusader.

Identify Obstacles

Identify obstacles to change and then remove them, identify information gaps and eliminate them, and identify unsupportive peers and enlighten them both before and during your change process.

Plan Action Strategy

A strategic action plan explains how you're going to make your strategic plan a reality. It acts as a detailed road map of how you plan to accomplish your goals

Improve Your Life

You can improve yourself and your life by focusing on things that are good for you, including challenging negative self-talk, practicing self-respect, managing stress, and resolving conflict in your relationships.

Dr. Sharon Fried-Buchalter, Your Master Life Coach

Dr. Sharon Fried-Buchalter, a Distinguished Clinical Psychologist, as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has been practicing since 1996 and specializes in counseling children, adolescents, parents, couples, and families. Utilizing her multi-modality approach, Dr. Sharon combines different types of therapy that includes psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), play, hypnotherapy, and family systems approach. She has expertise in the assessment and counseling of neuro-diverse children of all ages. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Sharon conducts hypnotherapy for pain and behavioral management, and regression therapy.  She is also trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), which is a short-term solution focused approach to healing trauma.

As a Human Resource Consultant, for both public and private organizations, Dr. Sharon developed and implemented management training programs that enhance motivational, leadership and communication skills, as well as behavioral modification programs in stress management, smoking cessation, weight control and assertiveness training. She has created and conducted employee workshops in sensitivity training, improving interpersonal communications, and human relations.

Benefits of Online Life Coaching

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Available Worldwide

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Convenience & Flexibility

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Safety & Privacy

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Recorded Sessions

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Read What My Clients Say About Their Coaching Experience

Molly Rogers created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to talk about my struggles in life and challenged me to answer difficult questions that have helped me take a deep look at myself and the life I truly want. She provided me valuable tools to overcome my obstacles and bad habits, and she has guided me in taking better decisions that will lead me in the right direction to achieving my life goals. I’m looking forward to our next session.

Dennis P.

Before working with Molly I felt stuck. I wasn’t enjoying my job and my relationship was in a bad place. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. During coaching with Billy I regained my self-confidence and got clarity about what I value and what I want to achieve. As a result, I changed my career and I now live my life to the fullest. I’m very grateful for Billy's guidance, and recommend him to anyone who needs help in changing their life.”

Amanda K.

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